Psychics – not the gods… but probably the highest beings for you to communicate with

O ye, an educated reader. Suppose in todays’ time you meet with an existential question. So how would you deal with it? If you can answer straight away then you are probably already enlightened being or perhaps simply a cretin. So far as opposed to the science, no one can tell you how to solve your own existential problems. This type of problems always remains highly personal, so without being able to see your inner being correctly no one would be able to give you the right advice. The right answer will simply resonate with your whole being, while an erroneous answer will keep you thinking still. In the end, in our lives we often choose between two evils, rather than choosing the perfect ways.

Or wait, maybe is there someone who can still guide you, say ye? Well that is right, these people call themselves psychics. They are rarely to be seen among the common crowds of people and are small in numbers; however, an experience of communicating with a psychic could turn out very powerful. So at times when you desperately need an advice it is wise to get in touch with a psychic. It would also be the most logical thing to do.

On the other hand, trying to ask God, whose answers are may not be easily perceived, would be a ridiculous action. It is just that God speaks in his owns ways, in the ways of creation, which embraces you wherever you are. All you need to do is to observe things, and accept them the way they are, for that is the essence of life, well that is, if you want to receive this kind of unhuman answer of course.

If you want to receive a meaningful answer though, seeking advice from a psychic is your only way. There is no way you can perceive these subtle energies that determine the pace of different things and times; however, the psychics do have this ability, so they could be considered as your guides to the spiritual world. This is why you will notice that most of your deeper questions and prayers remain unanswered, because you simply cannot perceive even a bit of the actual spiritual world. Spiritual energies are quite too subtle and are easily smothered against the background of your rough perception. Finally when the California psychics start to give you the answers, do not ask how they actually deducted them.

On the spiritual level, there is no such thing as deduction. In fact it appears to be more like a ravel of different subtle energies that can be balanced when acting in a certain way. This is also why they don’t have to ask you many questions – they can simply read you through, like a book. When psychics consider necessary, they can also make you surrender to mystical experiences, but that is a subject for another story.